Aaron Rodgers Reportedly Doesn't Have Any Issues With Packers GM

James Jones: “I’ve talked to Aaron, I talk to him all the time, and he told me it’s not about the GM. It’s not about new money and it’s not about the GM. So when I hear people say it’s about getting the GM fired and all these things, it’s not about that. From my conversations I’ve had with him, I truly believe that it’s fixable because what he’s told me in conversations that we’ve had and me knowing Aaron Rodgers and being close to Aaron. You sit down and go over the things that you need to get ironed out, and what’s more important to him and to the organization, and things like that. It’s fixable, but it’s not about getting the GM fired, and he’s told me that… He’s willing to go in there and make sure they get this thing right.” (Full interview above)

Former Green Bay Packers wide receiver James Jones joined The Herd on Tuesday and said that Aaron Rodgers told him that he doesn’t have any beef with Green Bay Packers GM Brian Gutekunst, and certainly doesn’t want him fired like some theories have been speculated.

Jones told Colin Cowherd that he ‘talks to Aaron all time’, and said that Rodgers is willing to ‘go in there and make sure they get this thing right.’

Rodgers was nowhere to be seen at Green Bay's mandatory minicamp on Tuesday and looks to be officially holding out.

ESPN's Adam Schefter made headlines when he reported on draft night that Rodgers 'wanted out of Green Bay', but revealed later on The Dan Patrick Show that his reporting wasn't based on any new breaking information regarding Rodgers, and that he was simply relaying a culmination of reports he had gathered during the offseason -- leading many to believe why Schefter conveniently dropped the 'bombshell' on draft night in the first place.

Check out the short segment above as well as the FULL interview at the bottom of the page.

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