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Colin Cowherd Ranks the Top 10 Players Still Remaining in the NBA Playoffs

Watch Colin Cowherd drop his rankings of the top 10 best players remaining in these NBA Playoffs.

10. Joel Embiid

“Say what you want, he’s the closest thing we have to Shaq. Torn meniscus, he gets docked a little bit because he played and couldn’t beat Trae Young in Game 1, that’s why I put Trae ahead of him. Trae played great Embiid played great, Embiid has better teammates, Trae Young won that’s why he’s ahead of him.”

9. Devin Booker

“You’d say Devin is better than Trae but Devin Booker could not carry his franchise to the second round of the playoffs without Chris Paul. Devin is a great player. Now the West is tougher than the East, he’s a tremendous offensive player, he’ll body up defensively but he’s not a great defensive player, but he’s got some pride and will play some defense. He also had 47 points in the closeout game against the Lakers. I loved that, it was a standup moment, step on the throat of the Lakers, he did with 47 points."

8. Trae Young

“The kid is carrying this team. Who is the third-best player for the Hawks? Seriously, we’re in the playoffs, you could name the third-best player for every team left, but who is the third-best player for the Hawks?? He’s also a great road player, so he’s a showman. Most young players shrink on the road in the playoffs, NOT Trae Young. He’s better on the road in the playoffs. That is a testament to his confidence and his skill.”

For players ranked 7 through 1, check out the FULL video above.

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