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Sports Doctor Breaks Down the Severity of James Harden's Injury

Dr. David Chao: “Since when does hamstring ‘tightness’ prevent a professional athlete from missing an entire playoff series? James Harden with ‘hamstring tightness’ was ruled out of Game 1, and we said the over/under on his return was two weeks even though it was labeled tightness. Clearly, it was a recurrent hamstring strain. The first time late season he missed five weeks with a hamstring strain, the strain is a tear, this is a recurrence, and this is why he would likely miss two weeks, potentially more. Today he’s been ruled out of Game 3 with the Brooklyn Nets up 2-0 and his head coach indicating that he was not likely to play this series at all. This fits with our thoughts, but it also clearly means it’s not ‘hamstring tightness’, a tight muscle can get better in a day, two days, three days at most, this extended absence clearly means there is a hamstring strain or at least a partial tear. Let’s hope he can get back for at least the next series, but that’s not a guarantee at this point either for the Brooklyn Nets.” (Full Video Above)

Listen to former team physician with the formerly known San Diego Chargers, Dr. David Chao break down the James Harden hamstring injury that will likely keep Harden out the duration of their Eastern Conference Playoff Semifinals series against the Milwaukee Bucks.

Harden played in just 36 of Brooklyn’s 72 games this season, but played in all five games of their domination over the Celtics in the first round, averaging 27.8 points in those games.

Check out the video above as Dr. Chao details what he thinks the severity of the injury is.

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