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Clay Travis Blasts the NFL's 'Nonsensical' Vaccination Policy

Clay Travis: “There shouldn’t be any COVID policy in any pro sports league by the fall. I understand if you start in the winter or the fall of last year, or certainly the spring of this year, but by the fall COVID is going to be virtually non-existent in this country because both vaccines and the number of people who have already had COVID and have antibodies to the disease… The NFL needs to stop being concerned with whether players have been vaccinated. The NFL never mandated flu shots. For young and healthy people, the seasonal flu is more dangerous than COVID. Given the fact that the number of people who are testing positive for COVID continues to diminish in a fascinating hurry, why in the world are we concerned with whether or not people who are young and healthy are vaccinated? It makes no sense. The NFL has never had a policy when it comes to the flu shot, so why should they have a policy going forward as it pertains to COVID? You should let players make their own decisions. I’m not an anti-vaccine person, but after you’ve already had the virus why would you feel the need to go get vaccinated for it as well? This to me is a bad move for the NFL to be involved in this process at all… They’re going to have full stadiums, they’re not going to test anybody to see whether the fans in the stadium have been tested for COVID or not, or have ever received the COVID vaccine. Why would we be treating players differently?” (Full Video Above)

Listen to Clay Travis rip the NFL’s vaccination policy, as Clay says zero pro sports leagues in the United States should be requiring their players to get vaccinated at this point in the pandemic, and with positive rates in this country having plummeted for months.

Check out the video above as Clay details why vocal critics the likes of Cole Beasley and Joe Mixon should be applauded.

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