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Ben Simmons Isn't Overrated, He Was NEVER a Great Player

Dan Patrick: “Ben Simmons was never a great player. We THOUGHT he was a great player – coming out of high school, one-and-done at LSU, ‘oh my gosh, maybe he’s a Lamar Odom/Magic Johnson kind of player!’ Well, he’s not that. I think he would be better served to play the role of a Draymond Green. Draymond Green plays defense, he can hit a couple of timely shots, he rebounds, he leads the team in assists, but you don’t expect him to be your go-to guy. Ben Simmons is really a third or fourth option on a really good team. The expectation level is so high for him and now there is almost a sadness where you feel sorry for him. Markelle Fultz forgot how to shoot and had to leave Philadelphia and went to Orlando and sort of revitalized a career there. He needs to go to a team who doesn’t have great expectations and that you don’t expect them to win, therefore he can kind of figure out who he is as a player, because I don’t know if he knows… It's almost looks like he’s a right-handed player who is learning to shoot left-handed.” (Full Video Above)

Listen to Dan Patrick explain why he thinks Ben Simmons desperately needs a new change of scenery away from Philadelphia, as Dan believes Simmons needs to find a place to resurrect his career on a lesser team that has zero expectations.

Check out the video above as Dan details why he thinks it’s becoming obvious that Simmons is simply a third or fourth option at this point, and surely not a ‘star’ of an NBA Finals contender.

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