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Why the Bucks Should Still Feel Confident About Beating the Suns

Nick Wright: “All things considered,I think Milwaukee’s gotta feel about as good as a team can feel being down 0-1. First one is Milwaukee has been here before. First series of the playoffs when they annihilated the Heat, the one game they almost lost was Game 1; they needed overtime to beat them. Game 1 against Brooklyn they lost, Game 1 in the conference finals against the Hawks they lost. I’m not blaming the officials but that whistle absolutely beneifitted the Suns in a way I don’t think it will the rest of the postseason. It’s not only that the Suns shot 26 free throws, it’s that Milwaukee, aside from Giannis -- Jrue Holiday and Brook Lopez got one shooting foul and that was it. So that will even out. The biggest reason they should feel good is there was real trepidation whether or not Giannis would be back at all. I think most people thought the earliest he would be back was Game 3. Not only was he back, he looked about 90% of himself. We all saw him suffer that injury, Giannis is not the only one who thought he was out for the year, EVERYONE thought he was out for the year. Giannis played 35 minutes and in those 35 minutes, Milwaukee outscored Phoenix. The 13 minutes he sat they got annihilated. I think this is a long series and I think if Giannis continues to ramp up, Milwaukee should feel pretty confident.” (Full Video Above)

Listen to Nick Wright join The Herd with Colin Cowherd to explain why he thinks the Milwaukee Bucks should still feel confident about their chances of winning their NBA Finals series vs. the Phoenix Suns despite dropping the first game of the series 118-105 on the road.

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