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The Real Reason Why the Deshaun Watson Case Has Gone Quiet

The Real Reason Why the Deshaun Watson Case Has Gone Quiet

Doug Gottlieb: “Have you ever heard of 22 civil cases – and it’s not a ‘class-action’ – all going away?”

Amy Dash: “No, I spoke to Tony Busbee directly and I said ‘what are the chances of a settlement happening here?’ and he said it’s ‘highly unlikely’ because like you said there are 22 different women, and they all have a different orientation in terms of how they want justice to play out for themselves he said. Even if a couple of them wanted to settle and they felt that they could be made ‘whole’ with monetary compensation there are also still terms that would need to be negotiated, and as we’ve heard through reports – whether it’s true or not – there’s been some disagreements over the types of provisions that would be attached to a settlement, meaning that Deshaun Watson may not want to have to admit to doing certain things. He might want to protect his reputation or there be a confidentiality clause and that might conflict with what some of these other women might want publicly. I think we’re very apart and people are speculating ‘maybe there is a settlement in the works because things are quiet’ – I know for a fact that Tony Buzbee just got married and he’s vacationing now in Greece, and everything is moving along in terms of procedure, and it doesn’t seem to me, at least I haven’t heard, that there are any settlement talks. I think the lull is just because right now we’re in the middle of discovery, depositions will be coming up in the fall where everybody gets questioned under oath, and that could go on for 10, 20, 30, 40, 50, 60 hours, I’m told that Watson might have to face up to 60 hours of questioning, and all the women would be deposed. I think we’re just going through the slow wheels of the civil justice system. On the criminal side, I think we will hear something sooner from Houston PD rather than later. I think they’re actively working the case.” (Full Audio Above)

Listen to Fox Sports Radio legal analyst Amy Dash join The Doug Gottlieb Show and detail why she believes the Deshaun Watson alleged sexual assault case has seemingly gone quiet in terms of media attention, as Dash explains to Doug the latest she has heard from the attorney representing the 22 women accusing Watson of sexual misconduct, Tony Buzbee.

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