The Trey Lance Era Looms Over Jimmy Garoppolo

Photo: Ezra Shaw

Jason Smith: “Jimmy Garoppolo basically revealed himself that he was named the 49ers’ starting QB. But let's be honest, how long is he really going to be the starter of this team? In my opinion, not very long. Why? Because not once this preseason has Kyle Shanahan committed to either Jimmy, or rookie Trey Lance. I can understand seeing what both guys are capable of, but any time Shanahan is asked the question he basically gaslights the media for even bringing it up. Even Bill Belichick gave us more in the Cam Newton and Mac Jones competition. This has been under a shroud of secrecy for so long, I have doubts Jimmy will be the starter beyond this week.”

Listen to Jason Smith sound off about the San Francisco 49ers’ quarterback situation. During a press conference, Jimmy Garropolo revealed himself that he would be the starter Week 1 against the Lions. Head Coach Kyle Shanahan has spent the entire offseason avoiding committing to either Garoppolo or rookie Trey Lance. Jason believes there has to be a reason why Shanahan has kept this decision a secret for so long, and believes Garoppolo’s time as the starter will be short-lived.