Blazing Five: Colin Cowherd Gives His 5 Best NFL Bets For Week 1 (Sep. 12)

Blazin' 5: Colin Cowherd Gives His Five Best NFL Bets For Week 1 (September 12th)


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2021 Blazin' 5 record:

Steelers at Bills (SPREAD: BUF -6.5)

“I’m going to take the Steelers +6.5 vs. Buffalo. Folks, don’t go to the end of last year, go to the beginning when the Steelers were healthy. Now they’re healthy. They led the NFL in quarterback hits, they led the NFL in most sacks, they allowed the fewest sacks, and the Bills offensive line is just 'OK.’ The Bills defense was the third worst in the red zone last year and is a work in progress. I love Sean McDermott, but they’re trying to garner a pass rush and they haven’t the last two years. The Steelers offensive line is in transition but the Bills have not shown an ability so far to take advantage of that because the d-line is their weakness. Also, proud organizations that get humiliated at the end of the year like Pittsburgh – Mike Tomlin, the Rooney family, Big Ben – come back focused and with a vengeance. I think this is a potential upset, I’m going to have the Bills winning on a field goal late but Pittsburgh outplays them for a lot of it. Take the Steelers +6.5 points.”

Colin's pick: Pittsburgh +6.5

Jets at Panthers (SPREAD: CAR -4.5)

“I’ve shifted on this because of new information. I initially liked the Jets and the points but I’m going to take Carolina -4.5 and here’s why. The Jets strength is their defensive front but they’ve had multiple injuries in the last three weeks. Carl Lawson their best edge rusher is out for the year. Vinny Curry, defensive lineman, OUT. Jarrad Davis, linebacker, out for six weeks. I thought that was going to be how they would seize control. Let’s be honest about this Jets offense, Zach Wilson, NFL debut, first-time play-caller, he’s inheriting a mess. Christian McCaffrey, meanwhile, is healthy. There’s only three teams in the NFL, Carolina was one of them, who had three receivers over 1,000 yards last year. Carolina’s o-line isn’t great but I don’t think the Jets’ banged up team can expose it. Carolina wins by a touchdown, 27-20.”

Colin's pick: Carolina -4.5

49ers at Lions (SPREAD: SF -7.5)

“UPSET ALERT, I’ll take the Lions +7.5. First of all, can we stop saying Jared Goff is ‘terrible’? In the history of number one picks he has the second highest passer rating ever behind Peyton Manning. He also has DeAndre Swift, a star running back, and right now the Rams DON’T. Folks, Goff completed 67% of his throws last year in the toughest division in football and all this kid has heard for the last six months is how TERRIBLE he is. ‘hE’s tErRiBlE! hE’s aWfUl!’ Many believe the Lions’ strength is their d-line and their o-line and they’ve got a star running back, so Goff has got some stuff to work with. Also, bad teams don’t know they’re bad in the first week. What is Dan Campbell going to do? The Lions coaches kind of know what San Francisco is going to bring to the table. The Niners coaches have no idea what the Lions are going to offer offensively and defensively. By the way, Jimmy Garoppolo lost confidence more than once in the preseason. Jimmy Garoppolo is not the same ‘Super Bowl’ Jimmy Garoppolo. His confidence to me is shaky. I think this is upset alert. I’m going to take the 7.5 point, Niners win in the last second of the game but Detroit will give them everything that they can handle.”

Colin's pick: Detroit +7.5

Chargers at Washington Football Team (SPREAD: LAC -0.5)

“It’s tough for me as an LA guy but I’m going to take the Washington Football -0.5. First of all, this will be the first time Justin Herbert has ever faced a real crowd. This will be the best defensive front he has ever faced, Washington is completely stacked up front. Chase Young as a rookie had 7.5 sacks and 10 tackles for losses, he’s only getting better. Four first round picks vs. a rebuilt Chargers’ offensive line. It ‘could’ be good [the Chargers o-line] but do I think it’s going to be Week 1? Another thing, western teams traveling east in the early games is never easy, even in Week 1. Also, they’ve got a new coach, Brandon Staley. First year NFL coaches in Week 1 are a combined 1-12-1 over the last three years. Only Aaron Rodgers and Matt LaFleur won. This is a TOUGH opener for the Chargers and a tough spot. They may be better in six weeks but NOT this week. Washington wins 27-21.”

Colin's pick: Washington +0.5

Browns at Chiefs (SPREAD: KC -5.5)

“Alright, I’ll take Kansas City -5.5 here. It was -6.5 so I feel like I kind of got a break with this line. Listen, Kansas City has the best September coach in the NFL and some think the best coach ever after Belichick. The Chiefs have won six straight openers and Patrick Mahomes in September has 32 TDs and no picks. The Browns are interesting – they were kind of two teams last year. When they finally figured out Stefanski’s culture they were pretty good at the end of the year, but they had a -11 point differential, the worst differential of anybody with a winning record last year. They got WACKED a few times. This is not a good spot for Cleveland, with seven new defensive starters. Cleveland by Thanksgiving is going to have an argument with Kansas City as the top team in the AFC, but starting in Arrowhead against a proud organization that was humiliated in the Super Bowl? Chiefs do have a new o-line, we will see how that goes, but I’m going to go Chiefs 34-26. Competitive game but you’ll feel like Kansas City will take an early lead, Kansas City will be in control, and Kansas City will put it away early fourth quarter.”

Colin's pick: Kansas City -5.5