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Rob Parker Blasts NFL Media Members Hyping Up Matthew Stafford and the Rams

Rob Parker: “SOUND THE ALARM, I GOT A CONSPIRACY GOING FOR YOU. IT IS THE MATTHEW STAFFORD CONSPIRACY. HE’S THE NARRATIVE, THEY’VE ALL BOUGHT IN, HE’S THE GREATEST THING SINCE SLICED BREAD, HE WAS IN SHACKLES AND CHAINS IN DETROIT, HE PLAYED WITH GARBAGE, HE HAD NO HELP. MATTHEW STAFFORD IS THE QUARTERBACK OF THE FUTURE, HE’S BETTER THAN AARON RODGERS, HE’S BETTER THAN TOM BRADY. HAVE YOU SEEN THAT GUY’S ARM?? HE’S UNBELIEVABLE! He had less yards than Jared Goff this past week and had the same amount of touchdowns but somehow we just watched something we’ve never seen before! Rams fans all over Los Angeles have got their panties in a bunch because they think they’re going to the Super Bowl! The Messiah wasn’t wearing a robe, he was wearing a Rams jersey! We always knew how good you were and now you’re going to prove it to everybody! Peter King and all the other national pundits who are on this Matthew Stafford bandwagon, STOOOOOOOOOOOOPPPP ITTTTTTT.” (Full Rant Above)

Listen to Rob Parker dump on NFL media members and fans alike who have jumped on the Matthew Stafford bandwagon in Los Angeles, as Stafford’s impressive debut with the Rams has triggered a massive wave of hype behind the prospects of the Rams winning the Super Bowl this season.

Check out the classic Parker rant above.

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