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Why You Shouldn't Believe Urban Meyer's Dismissal of the USC Opening

Ben Maller: “Do you buy or sell Urban Meyer’s denial in the USC job? I am SELLING, SELLING, SELLING, SELLING. This story has LEGS. The body language is the real thing. Urban Meyer was asked a question about the USC gig and I graded his response as an ‘F.’ He’s actually added fuel to the fire. He’s managed to make this more of a story by his answer. He earned a red check mark for failing what’s known as the ‘7-38-55 rule.’ The rule states that only seven percent of a message is based on the words. Thirty-eight percent comes from the tone of your voice, and the other 55% comes from body language – the expression on your face and how you look to another human being. If you ‘READ’ the words, they don’t sound bad, but the tone and the body language, and the flopping around like a dead fish? Urban Meyer mumbled and stumbled. Urban was fidgeting; it was not a good look. And then in the middle of his answer he put his head down and closed his eyes. According to the FBI handbook the most common thing people do when they’re lying is anytime you’re answering a question and you keep your eyes closed for more than one second at a time, it’s something people often do when they are LYING.” (Full Audio Above, Watch Meyer's Interview Response at the Bottom of the Page)

Listen to Ben Maller explain why he’s not buying for a second that Urban Meyer doesn’t have any interest in the USC opening, as Maller picks apart Meyer’s awkward press conference on Wednesday that saw him deny any link between himself and Clay Helton’s old job.

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