What is Really Keeping Justin Fields from Starting for the Bears

Photo: Ronald Martinez

Joy Taylor: "I would just be out of my mind if I was a Bears fan. That city deserves something to be excited about, and it's wild that they're just moving on down, Andy Dalton is still the starter. It's so confusing to me. Now I'm not a big conspiracy theorist. But when things start to happen for a consistent amount of time, I might be a little open to a conspiracy or two. It's starting to feel like Matt Nagy maybe doesn't have a lot of personnel say there, and this is a GM and Ownership decision. Because it's starting to not make a lot of football sense. I'm just not a fan of young guys not starting."

Joy Taylor reacts to Matt Nagy continuing to affirm his faith in Andy Dalton as QB1 in Chicago. Joy believes young quarterbacks should start right away, and the current situation in Chicago is an exact situation where Justin Fields should start right away. Joy tries to make sense of why Matt Nagy has not made the move yet, and gives a conspiracy theory as to what may really be taking place in Chicago.