Justin Fields Provides Intriguing Edge for Bettors

Photo: Jonathan Daniel

Steve Fezzik: "I have Dalton and Fields as dead equal. But what is interesting, I do see a differentiation. If the Bears are favored, I want Dalton as my quarterback. If they're dogs, I want Fields as my quarterback, because I love what Fields could potentially do if the Bears are down by double digits in the fourth quarter."
RJ Bell: "Why would Andy Dalton be better as a favorite? Because all you need is parity from him, you just need what you expect, and if you get what's expected then you win. If you're a big underdog, do you want what's expected? No, because what's expected is losing. So you want to have high variance, could be horrible, could be good. If a team is a 10-point dog, and you're told that there's a 90% chance you'll lose by 3, or you're given a 50% chance you could win and 50% you could lose by 50, you would take the 50%, because there's a 50% chance to win. Justin Fields is that guy who could lose by 50, but in theory, I think he could have a higher upside."

RJ Bell and the Straight Outta Vegas crew react to Justin Fields being announced as the starter for the Bears in Week 3. Steve Fezzik explains why he has Justin Fields and Andy Dalton ranked equally, but he prefers to bet the Bears as favorites if Dalton is under center, and as underdogs with Fields as quarterback. The guys explain the advantage Fields offers to bettors who are betting the Bears as underdogs.