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Colin Cowherd Breaks Down Every NFL Week 3 Game in Just Three Words

Watch Colin Cowherd play his weekly ‘3-Word Game’ as Colin describes every NFL Week 3 game in just three words.

Panthers at Texans – “LOOKED 'DARN' GOOD"

“Sam Darnold had his third straight game completing 68% of his throws. Only two turnovers in three games and that was the knock on him. They don't have a great o-line but he's a big, strong, athletic kid and they have some legitimate weapons. Matt Rhule and that staff have done a really nice job and it looked 'DARN' good."

Colts at Titans – “'WENTZ' UPON TIME”

“Carson Wentz has lost 7 straight starts. It's the first time in 10 years this excellent organization had started 0-3."

Falcons at Giants – “'BLUE' MY MIND”

“Big Blue have led in all three games and they're 0-3. A LOT of penalites, beating themselves, and A LOT of mistakes. I'll say this, they're in all their games. They've got good personnel they are just beating themslves."


“Justin Herbert against Mahomes has won two of three. He has 8 touchdowns, 1 pick, and they are top 5 in the NFL in third down percentage, and passing. Justin Herbert is the real deal."

Steelers at Bengals – “STEELERS 'HAS BEEN'"

“The Steelers when Ben throws 50+ times are 4-10. Yesterday he threw 58 times. It's over. I saw a story yesterday that they're 'internally concerned' that he's old. Yeah, well we're EXTERNALLY aware that he's old, this was not a tough one to see at the end of last year. You could see it at Thanksgiving."

For ALL the 3-word descriptions check out the full video above.

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