It Would Be Shocking If The Line For Buccaneers Versus Patriots Moves Down

Tampa Bay Buccaneers v Los Angeles Rams

Photo: Getty Images North America

RJ: "The line is seven right now and it looks like it's drifting Tampa Bay on the road favored at New England by a touchdown. Here's the question. Where does this line close? A lot of people are going to be betting this game and when do you bet? That's the question...I would have almost guaranteed that this line would have either stayed the same or gone up, I don't think on Sunday you would get a worse number with the Patriots. So my thought would be wait If you like the Pats bet now if you like the Bucs. But here's a piece of information that really threw me. The Super Contest, which is the biggest NFL handicapping contest...they put the line out on Wednesday...and the line in that game was six-and-a-half...What they do at the Super Contest better than anyone is they have a feeling which way the line is going to go and these are professional bookmakers, and that's telling us the line goes down. I'm shocked at that idea."

Listen to RJ Bell and Matt Hoffman examine the line for New England versus Tampa Bay and discuss which way it can move, and why it looks to be such a riddle.