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Blazing Five: Colin Cowherd Gives His 5 Best NFL Bets For Week 4 (Oct. 3)

Blazin' 5: Colin Cowherd Gives His Five Best NFL Bets For Week 4 (October 3rd)


Last Week's Blazin' 5 record: 2-3

2021 Blazin' 5 record: 6-9

Panthers (3-0) at Cowboys (2-1) (SPREAD: DAL -4.5)

“I’m on the opposite side of the wiseguys, I like Dallas -4.5. They’re a Tom Brady game-winning drive from being perfect, they outplayed the Buccaneers. The Cowboys are doing something that almost always wins – they’re +5 in turnover differential, best in the league. They’re taking it away and they’re not giving it back. In Dak Prescott’s last six home starts he has a 117 passer rating. But here’s the story: Sam Darnold has been two quarterbacks this year; first half and second half. When it’s on-script with Matt Rhule he’s great. In the second half he’s literally HALF the quarterback. Left to his own devices they get more conservative, his passer rating plummets, his completion percentage plummets, and his yards plummet. Christian McCaffrey is OUT and they’re on the road. I think Dallas wins and covers. Carolina has not trailed in a game, without McCaffrey they will be, and that will lead to more Sam Darnold ad-libbing against a Dallas defense that the market hasn’t caught up to. It’s better than people think.”

Colin's prediction: Cowboys 27, Panthers 20.

Colin's pick: Dallas -4.5

Colts (0-3) at Dolphins (1-2) (SPREAD: MIA -2)

“I like Miami -2, and you may even get a better line on this. I’ve said this, Jacoby Brissett is better than Tua. We were talking how good the Raiders defense has been this year; Brisset last week as the starter was the most yards and the most points the Dolphins have had this year. JACOBY BRISSETT IS BETTER THAN TUA. The Dolphins are going to win this game. I like Carson Wentz but his last seven starts he’s 0-7, and at some point we’ve got to be honest about this. He’s completing 57% of his throws his last seven starts, and that’s with two coaching staffs. The Colts are also falling apart – Quenton Nelson is hurt, TY Hilton is hurt, and Kwity Paye is hurt. You can run the ball on the Colts defense right now. The Colts are struggling EVERYWHERE: health, accuracy, and stopping the run. I think the Dolphins beat them at home, 27-23.”

Colin's prediction: Dolphins 27, Colts 23.

Colin's pick: Miami -2

Browns (2-1) at Vikings (1-2) (SPREAD: CLE -2.5)

“The Vikings should be 3-0. They beat the Seahawks, they should have beaten the Cardinals, and they went to overtime with the Bengals. They’re an underdog at home getting 2.5 points against Cleveland? This is not an indictment on Cleveland but they’re injured. Their left tackle is playing on one leg [Jedrick Wills Jr.]. Greg Newsome the rookie corner is a good one and he’s hurt, bad calf. Jarvis Landry is still not there. Their defense still isn’t right yet. Here is the other thing when you look at the Vikings. I know everybody likes to roll their eyes at Kirk Cousins but when was the last bad game Kirk Cousins has had? He’s had 17 consecutive games with a 90+ passer rating. They’re at home where he’s always better. In the NFL this year he’s fourth in completion percentage, number one in touchdown-to-interception ratio, and fourth in passer rating. Folks, I’m not sure the Vikings should be the dog here. They’re at home, they beat Seattle, they had Arizona beat, and they had Cincinnati beat. I’m not sure the line is right, and until I’m sure Cleveland has their defense right against a legitimate offense, I’ll take the Vikings and the points, 27-26.”

Colin's prediction: Vikings 27, Browns 26.

Colin's pick: Minnesota +2.5

Giants (0-3) at Saints (2-1) (SPREAD: NO -7)

"One of my favorite bets of the weekend. Daniel Jones is no longer turning the ball over, he has one interception in his last nine games. And the Saints offense, how are they giving up 7 or 8 points?? They can’t move the ball and they’ve had only three ‘Big Plays’ [plays greater than 25 yards] all year. They’re almost last or next to last in yards, passing yards, yards per play, and Big Plays. Jameis Winston has the fewest passing yards of any quarterback in the league that has started three games. Their opponents have outgained the Saints. Folks, the Patriots and Mac Jones outgained them. I’m not saying the Saints can’t win, but I get a touchdown?? Against a Giants team that with Joe Judge has been blown out just one time. This is totally the right side, I’ll go with the upset, Giants 27-26.”
Colin's prediction: Giants 27, Saints 26

Colin's pick: New York +7

Ravens (2-1) at Broncos (3-0) (SPREAD: BAL -1)

“Possible blowout. Broncos getting a point at home, I think they may blow out Baltimore. First of all, the Ravens are struggling on third down. Lamar has five turnovers this year and is not healthy, not 100%, and has a little bit of a turnover bug. Denver’s defense is on fire. Now, some of that is because they have played junk, but they have solved their cornerback issues. Their points per game, yards per play, and opponents' passer rating is amazing. Teddy Bridgewater is not just completing passes, he’s making plays. The Broncos are banged up at wide receiver, but they’re deep enough on skill positions. I think they put some big points up here. I don’t love what I’m seeing with Baltimore right now. They’re struggling on third down, and their third down conversion rate is 30%, the third lowest in the league; more opportunities for Bridgewater and that offense to get the ball and control the clock. Out of respect for Baltimore, I’ll say it’s close, Denver 27-24. It may start to unravel fast if Baltimore can’t get drives going."

Colin's prediction: Broncos 27, Ravens 24

Colin's pick: Denver +1

**All spreads are provided by Fox Bet.

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