MLB’s Wildcard Format Could Spell Disaster for their Playoff Ratings

Photo: Christian Petersen

Major League Baseball instituted the 1-game Wildcard round in 2012 in an effort to increase interest in the playoffs but it looks like it just may backfire this season. There is a scenario where blueblood franchises like the Red Sox, Yankees and Dodgers could find themselves on the outside looking in and Doug thinks the television ratings will take a huge hit if what happens. In a case of, ‘Be careful what you wish for,’ this format could send the defending champion, 100+ win Dodgers squad home for the winter after just one game, possibly causing fans to turn off their TV’s.

Doug Gottlieb: “There is a scenario out there where the Red Sox don’t make the playoffs, the Yankees and Dodgers lose in the Wildcard, and baseball’s ratings are like so low it’s embarrassing. It’s very much a possibility.”