Revenge Is Not A Factor When It Comes To Tom Brady And The Patriots

Dallas Cowboys v New England Patriots

Photo: Getty Images North America

Jonas Knox: "Here's the funny thing about this Patriots, Bucs game that's coming up on Sunday night. How we've all spun this into Tom's revenge, Brady's got to get his revenge...because the New England Patriots did him dirty, they did him wrong...First of all he had a choice. Now he may have been low-balled on the offer, he may not have liked what they had put on the table...but he did have a choice...The Patriots gave him the out he wanted. That was part of what the renegotiation was on his final contract in New England. He didn't want them to have the ability to franchise him, and the reason he didn't want them to franchise him was because he wanted to make it seem like Tom Brady didn't have choices and this was all because Belichick didn't want him there, that's crap I'm not buying it for a minute.

Listen to Jonas Knox share why he believes revenge was never and will not be a factor when Tom Brady faces off against the Bill Belichick and the New England Patriots on Sunday.