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Rob Parker Calls on Patriots Fans to Boo Tom Brady During Foxborough Return

Chris Broussard: “How do you think that the Boston fans should react to Tom Brady?”

Rob Parker: “I think it’s simple. I think fans of Boston should stand up and BOO Tom Brady. They should boo ‘Benedict’ Brady as much as they can. HE’S the one who decided it was about him and not about the organization. HE’S the one who turned his back on the Patriots uniform, on the Patriots fans, on what they had built there, and decided it wasn’t enough to be a part of something special and a great run in NFL history. NO, Tom Brady had to go elsewhere to prove that it’s about HIM. He’s the most selfish player on the planet, and it’s always about Tom Brady. PEOPLE OF NEW ENGLAND, UNITE ARM BY ARM, GRAB EACH OTHER’S HANDS, BOO LOUD AND STRONG, AND LET HIM KNOW HE’S WEARING ANOTHER UNIFORM AND YOU DON’T CARE ABOUT TOM BRADY ANYMORE. TOM BRADY WAS SUPPOSED TO BE DEREK JETER. HE WAS SUPPOSED TO PLAY 20 YEARS IN THE SAME UNIFORM. HE WAS SUPPOSED TO RETIRE AS A NEW ENGLAND PATRIOT. INSTEAD, HE WALKED OUT OF THE CITY OF BOSTON AND ON THE PEOPLE OF NEW ENGLAND TO GO TO SOME MICKEY MOUSE TOWN LIKE TAMPA BAY. He should have never worn another uniform. He should have held his 20 years in Boston sacred. Michael Jordan and others have made that mistake. Derek Jeter was smart, he was a Yankee through and through. Nobody could Never have anything to say about Derek Jeter and that’s the way it should have been about Tom Brady. Tom Brady should have never had split allegiance where people could turn their nose to him and think ‘LOOK AT THIS POMPOUS A**'. It was about HIM. He didn’t care about winning with you. IT WAS CRACK WINNING A SUPER BOWL FOR TOM BRADY. STAND UP AND BOO BOSTON AND DO IT LOUD AND HARD LIKE YOU MEAN IT!” (Full Video Above)

On the heels of one of the most anticipated regular-season games in NFL history, Rob Parker calls on New England sports fans to take a major stand against their former native son.

Check out the video above as Parker demands that the Boston fans BOO Tom Brady upon his return to Foxborough, saying that Brady abandoned the greatest dynasty in league history for sheer gluttony, and the need to prove that it was all about HIM.

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