Mac Jones Was the Big Winner Last Night

Photo: Maddie Meyer

Despite losing to Tom Brady and the Buccaneers, Mac Jones proved he can really play. On a night when the focus was on Brady and Bill Belichick, Jones stole the show and may have been the best player on the field. The Bucs defense knew Jones was going to be throwing the ball, yet he still managed to remain accurate and composed, and he put his team in position to win that game. While there is no such thing as a moral victory, especially in New England, Patriots fans should feel encouraged about their quarterbacking position.

Dan Patrick: “The defense knew Mac Jones was going to throw the ball and he still was very accurate. And he got hit, he showed composure. If I’m a Patriots fan, I’d go, ‘OK, I think we’re OK at the quarterbacking position. I like what I saw...’ I’d say Mac Jones was the big winner last night...Mac Jones has to feel like, ‘You know what, privately, I can play. I mean, I went toe-to-toe.’ It’s still a pretty good defense he went against.”