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Rob Parker: Tom Brady Remains the 'Luckiest Quarterback of All Time'

Rob Parker: “Tom Brady is NOT the GOAT and last night he remains the LOAT, the ‘LUCKIEST OF ALL TIME.’ It was a complete stinker from Tom Brady but of course Brady gets the win and everyone’s like ‘lOoK aT tOM bRaDy lEaDiNg tHeM dOwN tHe fEiLd fOr tHe gAmE-wInNiNg fIeLd gOaL!’ The Patriots had a chance to win the game and what happens? It hits the upright. THAT’S Tom Brady. Tom Brady again is SO LUCKY. He walks away and wins the night, but he should have walked out of Foxborough with a big fat ‘L’ in a game where the Bucs had no business losing to that team. I wish the Patriots would have had Adam Vinatieri last night!"

Listen to Rob Parker explain why he thinks Tampa Bay’s last-second victory over the Patriots on Sunday Night Football in the form of a potential game-winning New England field goal doinking off the goalpost. further pushes his belief that Tom Brady is not the ‘Greatest Quarterback of All Time’, but rather the ‘Luckiest Quarterback of All Time’.

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