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Why Cowboys Fans Should Start Dreaming of a Super Bowl

Nick Wright: “Cowboys fans should be feeling the best they’ve felt in at least five years, and maybe 25 years. Zeke had a monster game but that’s not my takeaway. Dak had four touchdowns but that’s not my takeaway. My takeaway for the Cowboys is very simple: you hit home runs at the top or near the top of drafts and you can remake your defense. The Cowboys seem to have hit a home run in Micah Parsons and Trevon Diggs is a STAR. The Cowboys have an elite passing attack, an excellent rushing attack, and a defense that has a chance to be top 10. They’ve got a surplus of linebackers, Parsons is awesome, Demarcus Lawrence is coming back, and Trevon Diggs is a revelation. Who are you playing over the next two month that scares you other than Kansas City? The answer is NOBODY. This is the best Cowboys team since 2016, and 2016 you could have gone to the Super Bowl. The last few years the Cowboys have been more hype than production but this year they weren’t hyped nearly as much. Dak looks healthy, it’s the best Zeke has looked in three years, and holy moly – Parsons and Diggs.” (Full Video Above)

Listen to Nick Wright, guest-hosting for Colin Cowherd, explain why he thinks the Dallas Cowboys should now officially be considered legitimate contenders in the NFC.

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