Aaron Boone is Out of Touch With Reality

Jason Smith: "Yeah, the Yankees are good, but for Aaron Boone to say other teams are catching up to you, you're not the Dodgers! You're not in the World Series every year and you've won and you're the overwhelming favorite. You're not nearly good enough! How can you say other teams are catching up to you when you lost a play-in game. It's not that other teams are catching up to you, it's that other teams are getting better, and you're not."

Jason Smith and Mike Harmon rip Yankees Manager Aaron Boone for his comments after losing the AL Wild Card Game to the Boston Red Sox. The guys explain why Boone's perception that the league has "caught up" to the Yankees is an unrealistic understanding of the Yankees' position in the league for the last decade, as they haven't been to a World Series in 12 years now. The guys break down why Boone's attitude shows he lacks urgency running an historic franchise that continues to underperform expectations.