Ephraim Salaam: "Urban Meyer Lost the Locker Room A Long Time Ago"

Photo: Andy Lyons

Ephraim Salaam: "If your head coach is acting like a joke, then you treat him like a joke. The things that he's done, you can lose the locker room. It's over."
Chris Broussard: "If you're in that locker room, has he lost you?"
Ephraim Salaam: "He lost me when he signed Tim Tebow. I know how hard it is to make an NFL roster at a position that you've been at your whole life, let alone an 8 year gap at a new position. That was someone else's opportunity."

Former NFL Offensive Lineman Ephraim Salaam joins The Odd Couple with Chris Broussard and Rob Parker! The guys discuss the Urban Meyer situation in Jacksonville, and Ephraim explains why this latest mishap involving Meyer is just the latest of multiple circumstances that have created a divide between Urban Meyer and his team. Listen here and Ephraim pinpoints a moment long before the season as the exact moment where Meyer began to create issues for his locker room.