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Rob Parker Rips John Harbaugh For 'Ridiculous' Attempt at Rushing Record

Rob Parker: “John Harbaugh should be ashamed of himself. It’s bad karma. With 10 seconds to go there is no reason to try and break some meaningless record. Not one person could have told you that 43 straight games with 100+ yards rushing was the Pittsburgh Steelers’ record. NOBODY knew that and it was a meaningless record. John Harbaugh is LUCKY, what if Lamar Jackson were to have gotten a broken leg on that play? Harbaugh would have been killed and vilified. It’s a DUMB play and it’s bad karma. What you should do is kneel down; you didn’t get it in regulation. This will come back to haunt John Harbaugh. You don’t put your quarterback at risk. It’s ridiculous and John Harbaugh knows better, you would think he’s some coach who never won anything. This guy has won a Super Bowl, and he’s worried about three yards in a game that’s out of reach? I wish I was on the defense; I would have broken his leg if I had the chance!” (Full Video Above)

Listen to Rob Parker and Chris Broussard get into a heated debate on whether it was fair or foul for Ravens head coach John Harbaugh to run a legitimate play in a game they were winning 23-7 against Denver with 3 seconds to play, just so they could tie the record for the most consecutive games rushing for 100 or more yards as a team.

The Ravens had a 16-point lead and the ball with the team sitting at 98 rushing yards for the game. Instead of kneeling to run the clock out, the Ravens had Lamar Jackson run a quarterback sweep on the final play of the game, garnering five yards and extending their streak of 43 consecutive games with 100+ yards rushing.

The Ravens are now tied with the Pittsburgh Steelers for the honor, who set the original record from 1974-1977.

Check out the video above as Parker rips Harbaugh for putting his MVP quarterback at risk for some ‘meaningless’ record that hardly any NFL fan even knew existed.

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