The Yankees Aren’t Good Enough for People to Hate Them Anymore

Photo: Winslow Townson

Despite the Red Sox defeating the Yankees in Tuesday night’s A-L Wild Card Game, Dan Patrick believes the game won’t stand out in the long storied history of their rivalry. The Red Sox handled the game early, but the story is more about the Yankees not being good enough for people to hate them. The Yankees used to be an organization that was feared, yet respected, but with one World Series appearance in 17 years, Dan thinks that specific track record could be means for one to lose their job.

Dan Patrick: “Give Aaron Boone credit. Pulling Gerrit Cole from the game was a tough decision to make. You don’t want to embarrass your star pitcher you spent $300 million dollars on, but this is a one game playoff and he made the right move. Is that a decision of a manager who is on shaky terms, shaky ground? I don’t know. But, the Yankees haven’t been good enough to have people hate them. It just felt like things were aligning for the Red Sox last night, but the Yankees are just the Yankees now.”