The Yankees Signed Gerrit Cole to Win Games Like This

Wild Card Round - New York Yankees v Boston Red Sox

Photo: Getty Images North America

The New York Yankees fell to the Boston Red Sox 6-2 in the single-elimination AL Wild Card Game on Tuesday and Ben Maller believes that Gerrit Cole deserves a bigger piece of the blame than the Yankees lackluster offense. Gerrit Coled signed that mega-contract with the Bronx Bombers specifically to win games like this one and he went out and choked on the mound.

Ben Maller: "The Yankees signed Gerrit Cole to win games just like this. To go out and strut around like a peacock on the mound and you know, pump your chest out with swagger...these are the moments. When he signed that contract, he had referenced games just like this: big games against the Red Sox. You are what your record says you are and this is not good. This is a mark on the resume of Gerrit Cole."