Time to Believe in Matthew Stafford


Jason Smith: "I'm believing in Matthew Stafford because of the team he is on. He is in a position to succeed. I expect this from Stafford for the rest of the season."
Mike Harmon: "I will expect it as long as his front 5 stay healthy, cause right now he is throwing from a clean pocket every week. But I'm not sold that all the bad habits seen in Novembers and Decembers in Detroit will miraculously vanish. So for me, it's more wait-and-see."

Jason Smith and Mike Harmon react to the Rams beating the Seahawks on Thursday night. Jason explains why he is now a complete believer in Matthew Stafford leading the Rams offense, a team that he believes is the most complete in the NFL. Mike, however, wants to see a little more from Stafford with the Rams before he is fully buying in to the veteran quarterback on a new squad.