Can The Seattle Seahawks Survive Without Russell Wilson?

Los Angeles Rams v Seattle Seahawks

Photo: Getty Images North America

Dan Patrick: "Arizona looks like they're legit right now. The Rams we know are, I don't think Seattle is. They could still be on the periphery of making the playoffs, but I don't think you look at them as a formidable team. I didn't even before last night. San Francisco, I think there's still a curiosity there. It felt like, what happened last year with all the injuries, I think they had more injuries than any other team...I'm not sure. There's a question mark I have over San Francisco."

Dan Patrick reacted today to the Los Angeles Rams win over the Seattle Seahawks that saw QB Russell Wilson leave the game with injury. Listen to Dan explain why the NFC West isn't set up for Seattle to remain competitive if Wilson misses time.