Former NFL DL Says Jaguars Locker Room Was Bad Before Urban Meyer

Photo: Sam Greenwood

Datone Jones: “I’ve been in that locker room before in 2019 during the Tom Coughlin era, and that locker room was lost. Guys were jumping off of sofas, pretending that chairs were the head coach, diving off of chairs, you couldn’t tell guys in that locker room anything. The coaching was lost, and that whole team was in search for a leader. Some of those guys are still in that locker room today. There definitely needs to be an accountability system in there.”

Former NFL defensive lineman Datone Jones joined “The Odd Couple” with Chris Broussard and Rob Parker to discuss the news surrounding Jaguars HC Urban Meyer. Jones believes that the Jacksonville locker room was already plagued and destined to fail before Meyer walked through the door.