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Why Matt Stafford is Actually Holding Sean McVay and the Rams Offense Back

Colin Cowherd: “I think Sean McVay has given up too much of himself with Matt Stafford. Here is what Matt Stafford is -- very talented but he’s not a tier 1 quarterback. He’s not as dynamic as Josh Allen, or Patrick Mahomes, or Russell Wilson, or Kyler, or Aaron Rodgers, so STOP. Last night he made a horrible rookie mistake on a pick and missed several open receivers. He’s a very strong upper-tier 2 quarterback. Vegas did not alter the line dramatically – they were a 5-win team with Stafford as the quarterback, then Goff enters and they’re still a 5-win team in Vegas. The rams were a 10-win team with Goff in Vegas, and then the trade happens and they were 10.5. Stafford is better than Jared Goff but we have to contextualize ‘Stafford speak.’ He’s very good and very talented, but he ain’t Kyler Murray, he’s not Russell, not Aaron, not Mahomes, and not Lamar. When you fall in love you give up all of yourself. Last year the Rams had the second-most play-action passes in the NFL. They were clever, unique, and they were always just moving areas and fooling people. Now they have the second-least play-action passes and they’re kind of boring and pedestrian. I like Matt Stafford but he needs some ‘clever’ too. To cover up Goff’s flaws, McVay had the most unique-looking and clever play-action and misdirection; it was a blast to watch. They didn’t even really look like anyone else. Then he gets Stafford and they do more dropbacks than all but one team in the league. Sean, you’ve given up too much of yourself and too much of your wizardry. You’re very smart – USE IT. You’re very clever – BE IT. McVay in this honeymoon period has just given up all the tricks, the fun, and the misdirection. The Rams are 20th in the NFL in plays per drive, that’s where bad teams are ranked. That’s with Sean McVay as head coach, an excellent offensive line, a capable running game, and an outstanding wide receiver and tight end group. That’s not acceptable. That’s like Jared Goff with a better arm. Every time I see McVay and Stafford next to each other on the sideline they have googly eyes. Sean, you’re brilliant, go back to being brilliant. Stafford is talented but he’s not Mahomes. Stop the googly eyes and go back to being brilliant.”

Listen to Colin Cowherd explain why he believes the 2021 Los Angeles Rams with Matthew Stafford actually look a lot more ‘boring and pedestrian’ than they looked like when Jared Goff was the quarterback.

Check out the video above as Colin details why he believes Rams head coach Sean McVay has actually fallen too much in love with Stafford and numbed his brilliant play-calling in the process.

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