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WATCH: John Cusack is Confronted by Barstool Blogger Outside White Sox Game

Photo: Jamie Squire

Actor and Illinois native John Cusack went on a Twitter rant Monday morning over a now-viral video shot outside Guaranteed Rate Field prior to the Chicago White Sox's home playoff game Sunday night.

Cusack was confronted by Barstool Sports personality and diehard White Sox fan Dave Williams, known better by his nickname 'White Sox Dave,' who had previously claimed to "ban" the actor from cheering for the baseball team in the video.

Cusack appears to extend his hand for a reciprocated fist bump before Williams accuses him of being on "the White Sox bandwagon," given his split allegiance with the crosstown rival Chicago Cubs, which included cheering for the Cubs during their 2016 World Series run that snapped a 108-year championship drought.

The actor responded by saying he "can like whoever I want" and questioning Williams' White Sox knowledge.

Williams then argues that "half the fun about being a fan is being miserable" and not switching allegiance between multiple teams, to which Cusack responds that he "went to both ballparks growing up" before they both "agree to disagree."

Williams boasted about confronting Cusack prior to the game, which the actor later acknowledged in a series of tweets directed at the Barstool Chicago personality.

WARNING: Some of the terms used may be viewed as offensive.