Justin Herbert: I Love Football Too Much to Get Away From It

Photo: Ronald Martinez

Dan Patrick: “How do you explain that 4th quarter?”

Justin Herbert: “We’ve watched it a couple times...I don’t know. To put up 34 points in the second half like that, it was really a shootout. It was more like a college football game. I thought it was a win by all three phases on Sunday.”

Dan: “What do you do on a day off?”

Justin: “Watch film. The quarterbacks will come in and lift and then right after that we’ll watch film for a couple of hours...”

Dan: “Yeah, but that’s not a day off though, Justin.”

Justin: “Technically, it kind of is our day off, but, you have to use all the time that you can to get an advantage and ahead of the schedule. I think I love football enough that I don’t ever want to get away from it.”