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Nets are Handling Kyrie Irving the Right Way

Photo: Sarah Stier

Rob Parker: "The Nets did the right thing. The Nets would set themselves up for a terrible fall by allowing a guy to play part-time. Imagine if they made it to the Finals and they had 4 games in Brooklyn and he couldn't play in those. What does it say to his teammates that he gets special treatment because they're allowing him to do this? You couldn't do it. You've got to make sure everyone is giving their all, and everybody is in for the same goal, which is winning a championship."

Chris Broussard and Rob Parker react to the Brooklyn Nets keeping Kyrie Irving away from the team for the time being. The guys agree that this is a decision the Nets had to make and hope that Irving will soon get vaccinated so that way he can return to the team, as the start of the season creeps closer. Plus, Chris explains how the Nets would suffer without Irving in the lineup despite having both Kevin Durant and James Harden.