Kyrie Irving's Selfishness Will Ruin His Career and the Brooklyn Nets

Kyrie Irving took to Instagram to lend his voice to many who have spoken on his behalf be it, reporters, with sources close to him or many of his detractors who have drawn criticism against him based on what he provided before this monologue. Doug Gottlieb shares his biggest takeaways from Kyrie Irving's latest statement where the star guard reveals his motivations behind not getting the COVID-19 vaccine. This decision currently has him barred from playing any Brooklyn Nets games.

Doug Gottlieb believes much of what Kyrie Irving is saying is flat-out selfish and believes he's hurting himself and the Brooklyn Nets.

"I feel bad for Kyrie because he has been told how smart he is and that can be, honestly, not a compliment. But he's taking it as a compliment. I do agree with him in terms of using his platform and not staying silent. I think that's absolutely smart and absolutely true and it's one of the main criticisms of Colin Kaepernick which is ok you took a knee but then you had nothing to say...The issue with Kyrie Irving is he's not that smart. He's not a dummy but he's not nearly as smart as he thinks he is. None of us actually are. He's not an epidemiologist or an infectious disease specialist. These people have gotten together and this is the best we can do...He's trying to outsmart the world and make a point that doesn't really make the point...If Kyrie really is for the greater good then getting the vaccine is the right decision to make...There are sacrifices for every job. There are sacrifices for every team. And Kyrie can say, 'I'm not being selfish, I'm thinking of other people' but the truth is, you're being selfish because you're putting your desires to make a point above that of everybody else in the locker room...Somebody told him he was smart, and he's become too smart for his own good. He's overthinking this thing and he's going to ruin his career and this team."