The Final Call is Not the Reason the Giants Lost

Photo: Harry How

Jason Smith: "This is what the odds of success are in major league baseball, you fail more often than you succeed. How is he going to succeed when it's a 1-2 count against Max Scherzer? The chance they have to win the game at that point is so low. I'm not saying the Giants fans shouldn't complain, they should, those were two really bad calls. But it makes it a little easier to take the point that the check swing by Flores - it's not like you were one hair away from tying that game. You were a long way from tying that game."

Jason Smith and Aaron Torres react to the controversial final out in the Los Angeles Dodgers' victory over the San Francisco Giants in the decisive Game 5 of the National League Division Series. The guys agree that the umpire did call the check swing incorrectly, but the guys point out major moments throughout the game where the Giants had opportunities to avoid the narrow defeat.