Tom Brady's Surprising Struggles in Night Games

Photo: Maddie Meyer

RJ Bell: "In his time with Tampa Bay, in night games in the regular season, he is 0-6 against the spread, negative 12 ATS margin. 3-3 straight up. If you bet him every time, you've yet to be paid. If you gave Brady 12 points a game, 108 points total, he would've broken even against the spread. You could have doubled teased and you wouldn't be covering. Is this just a coincidence? Small sample size? Well what do we know about Brady? He goes to bed early. He tapes Jeopardy."

RJ Bell gives the surprising numbers on Tom Brady's performance against the spread in night games since joining the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. RJ and the crew point to Brady's 0-6 record against the spread in night games and explains how you can profit off of Brady staying up past his bedtime!