Russell Wilson’s Injury Could Mend His Relationship with the Seahawks

Photo: Steph Chambers

Jason Smith: “The longer Russell Wilson is out, the greater the chance he returns to the Seahawks in 2022. Think about it: He was playing his best football, in a year where Seattle was in a ‘let’s just see what happens’ type of year. I think there’s a great chance he would change his mind about leaving, if he sees what could have been if he remained healthy. Plus, if he gets a shot to be the QB target in free agency, I would think he would want that spotlight all to himself. So, if Aaron Rodgers gets to have this upcoming offseason to be the big fish quarterback in free agency, I can see Wilson waiting one more year so that he can have that spotlight in 2023.”

Listen to Jason Smith and Mike Harmon react to the news of Russell Wilson being out until at least Week 10. Jason believes that the Seahawks are not cooked, and thinks this will positively impact Wilson’s intentions with Seattle long-term.