First Raiders Win Without Jon Gruden Not As Significant As It Seems

Photo: Dustin Bradford

RJ Bell: "The squares are saying the Raiders don't miss Jon Gruden, they're not going to miss Gruden. They win easily against the Broncos. 10 points doesn't seem so easy, you might say, but if you actually look at the 4th quarter win-share, Denver had a 1% chance. And you might say that that's backing what the squares are saying. Look in the box score, 4-0 turnover margin. 4 turnovers for Denver, 0 for the Raiders. The odds of winning a game when you're down 4-0 in turnovers is less than 10%. The fact that they only won by 10, and you're up 4-0 in turnovers, that might actually feel like an underperformance. But let's not say that either, cause they did dominate some stats and such. But in general, very impressive from the Raiders, but I'm not sure what it means for them long-term."

RJ Bell and AJ Hoffman discuss the Raiders win over the Broncos in their first game without Jon Gruden as head coach. The guys acknowledge that the Raiders looked strong and gave an impressive performance; however, the guys point to the turnover differential as a reason to see the Raiders 10-point victory as an underperformance. As the guys explain, while the Raiders did have a decent showing in this game, it is not yet time to confidently claim that they're better off without Gruden.