Bret Bielema Puts His Roster on Notice in Pursuit of Scholarships

Wisconsin v Illinois

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On Tuesday's 2 Pros and a Cup of Joe, Brady Quinn explains why Bret Bielema was so blunt when putting his roster on blast and saying things will have to change.

Brady Quinn: "Brett Bielema has gotten to a point where he's like, 'Let's jus be honest with ourselves. This roster isn't where it needs to be. These aren't my guys that I recruited, etc., so what am I going to do? I'm going to try to get some scholarships. I'm going to make a public statement and let these kids know, and basically say to them, if they don't want to be here anymore, go. Because I'm going to recruit guys to replace you. I'm going to pull guys in from a transfer portal who are up to my standard that I think I have.'
This is Bret Bielema utilizing, I think, the same blueprint that Mel Tucker has done at Michigan State and he's not going to be the last. Because I think this is going to be replicated with schools like Illinois that are going to have a hard time competing. I think they're going to do it more, and more, and more. So, I know this comes off as jarring as a player. They're probably upset but he's already telling you, you're not going to be competing with some of the guys I'm trying to bring in to replace you."