Don’t Take It Personally, but Dodgers/Astros Would Be Great

Photo: Jayne Kamin-Oncea

Braves and Red Sox fans may feel slighted, but seeing the Dodgers and Astros face each other in the World Series would be a great story. Dan doesn’t want either of these fans bases to think he is rooting against them so much as he is rooting for the best story he can bring to his national audience. While Boston and Atlanta have had noteworthy seasons, it would be hard to beat the hype inspired by a Dodgers/Astros re-match. It would be great for baseball and, not coincidentally, great for The Dan Patrick Show, and hopefully those fan bases will cut him some slack.

Dan Patrick: “I don’t want Braves fans to take this personally even though you have, because I keep hearing, reading, seeing where you’re saying, ‘Why are you rooting for the Dodgers and the Astros?’ I don’t have a rooting interest other than; what is the story that I can tell nationally on this show. That’s it. Dodgers, Astros, I can tell that story. People are interested in that story...I just don’t want you to take it personally. You know, it’s not like I like the Astros, but I like the Astros in the World Series because it’s a great story to tell. Given what has happened, if they face the Dodgers, it’s a great story to tell.”