Colin Cowherd Says We Should Stop Hyping This So-Called 'Elite' Franchise

Colin Cowherd: “Whenever we talk about great coaches and great organizations we always just throw the Niners in there. We just lump them in there and say they’re a good organization, they’re a good roster, and that’s a good coach. Can we stop doing that? Kyle Shanahan’s record now is worse than Mike Singletary’s. They’re 1-10 at home the last two years. ‘WELL, GEORGE KITTLE IS HURT!’ – He’s always hurt. ‘WELL, JIMMY GAROPPOLO IS COMING OFF AN INJURY!’ – He’s always coming off an injury. ‘WELL, THE SECONDARY IS BEAT UP AND NOT PLAYING GREAT!’ – Yeah, that’s who you are, the secondary is always beaten up and it hasn’t been great in four years. Even in their own division the Rams have a better roster, a better organization, fewer draft whiffs, and a better quarterback. Arizona has a better quarterback, better momentum, and they’ve hit on more free-agent signings. What about Seattle? Well, at least they’ve got Russell Wilson. San Francisco in their own division – organizationally and roster – they’re 4 of 4. It looks like they’re coaching ‘scared.’ Frank Reich and Mike Vrabel, with a wide variety of quarterbacks, just have winning seasons after winning seasons. Kyle Shanahan has a losing record and he’s all we talk about, we just insert him into the ‘good’ coaches. You gotta give me some returns. This team doesn’t win, and they don’t even win at home. I don’t know wanna hear about Garoppolo, Shanahan can’t even win WITHOUT him. Everyone makes fun of Bill O’Brien, he had a winning record WITHOUT Deshaun Watson. They coach rigidly and they coach scared. Organizationally, the Niners have had too many whiffs in the draft and haven’t hit on their free agents. We’ve gotta stop lumping them in with the great teams. They have the worst quarterback in that division and you can argue the worst roster. They’ve lost the last seven games at home, this is NOT an elite franchise.” (Full Video Above)

Listen to Colin Cowherd explain why he believes the NFL media needs to stop putting Kyle Shanahan and the San Francisco 49ers into the category of an ‘elite franchise’ with an ‘elite coach’, as Colin says the 49ers have firmly implanted themselves into the basement of the NFC West division.

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