Dan Patrick: If You Didn’t Know Charlie Morton, You Do Now!

Photo: Elsa

Dan thinks the Braves pitcher has the chance to achieve legendary status after striking out Jose Altuve on a broken leg. The Braves would need to win the World Series for that to become the reality, but his toughness will never be in question even if it ultimately only becomes a footnote in history. The Braves have a real shot to beat the Astros and send Morton’s name to the annals of MLB history as a legend instead of a footnote.

Dan Patrick: Now you have Charlie Morton, who got hit in the leg and he stayed in to strikeout Jose Altuve. He got hit by a 102mph liner, a comebacker, and broke his leg, fractured his leg. Stayed in! Wanted to stay in! That’s where you get legendary status... When you win, that’s when you get elevated to legendary status. If you didn’t know Charlie Morton, you do now! Because he went out there with a broken leg and still wanted to continue to pitch.”