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Don't Demonize the Brutality of the NFL

Tampa Bay Buccaneers v New Orleans Saints

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Jonas Knox and LaVar Arrington were sorry to see Jameis Winston suffer a 'significant' knee injury after a horse-collar tackle by Devin White, but they aren't for demonizing the brutality in the NFL. LaVar takes you inside the mind of a "maniac on the football field."

LaVar Arrington: "I understand when the league is trying to improve the quality of the game and improve the quality of the health of the players. I'm all for that 100%. I just don't have to be that guy, because I'm not league administration. I am not on a competition committee. I was a football player. I took pride in being able to dish out physical abuse to the opponents I was going against. It was a badge of honor if I whipped the hell out of somebody..."