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Mike White Will Haunt the Bengals Come Playoff Time

Cincinnati Bengals v New York Jets

Photo: Getty Images

On Monday's 2 Pros and a Cup of Joe, Jonas Knox believes the Jets upset win over the Bengals will haunt Cincinnati when it comes to the playoff seeding. LaVar Arrington applauds backup QB Mike White and makes the case for him starting over Zach Wilson until he cools off.

Jonas Knox: "If you're the Cincinnatti "If you're the Cincinnati Bengals, that's the loss, mark my words, the fanbase is going to look back on later in the year, when they find themselves in a playoff game that's not ideal, and they're gonna go back to this game and say, 'Damn, Mike White's the difference between us making a real playoff run and us being 1-and-done potentially in the postseason.'"
LaVar Arrington: "Jonas, you have to have the conversation, moving forward, do you stay with Mike White until he cools off and then go back to Zach Wilson at that point in time."
Jonas Knox: "Where is your loyalty to Zach Wilson? That's your guy!"
LaVar Arrington: "My loyalty is to winning!"