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The Houston Astros Are Forever Sullied

World Series - Atlanta Braves v Houston Astros - Game Five

Photo: Getty Images North America

Ben Maller: "It's gotta be depressing to know that no matter what these guys do, they're forever sullied. It's really gotta be a bummer. Think about it, nothing good! They can win and we won't count it, because they didn't get punished! We don't take 'em seriously! Everything that's accomplished, has to be taken with a little pinch of salt! Welcome to Rob Manfred's MLB!

As the Astros overcame a 4-0 1st inning deficit following a grand slam, led by the Five Horsemen of the Cheating Apocalypse, Ben Maller explains why nobody will ever take anything they do seriously AND why the Braves will still win the World Series!