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The Braves Gave America What They Wanted: An Astros Loss

Photo: Bob Levey

Jason Smith: “The Braves Are World Series Champions. You could say they probably shouldn’t be here, they should’ve lost, they weren’t good in the regular season, but it doesn’t matter. They proved everyone wrong. And like I said last week, this is what we wanted: You wanted the Astros to lose on the biggest stage. You wanted them to have it all taken from them on the biggest stage. America now gets to relish in their failure.” 

Last week, Jason Smith said that he felt like the Braves were a team of destiny, and tonight, they made that prediction a reality. Listen to Jason and Mike Harmon’s live reaction to the Atlanta Braves winning the World Series in 6 Games over the Houston Astros, and the real reason why America is generally happy with this result.