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Luke Fickell: "There's Still A Lot Of Opportunities"

Cincinnati v Tulane

Photo: Getty Images North America

Dan Patrick: “What did you think of my reasoning that maybe they left you out because they don’t want you to stay in, you go undefeated, and they have no reason to take you out?”
Luke Fickell: “Maybe a good idea. I think it gives them a little flexibility, a little leeway. I don’t know who exactly makes all these decisions…I don’t know if they look that far ahead and strategize, or if they just throw things out there to create a bit of buzz and something to talk about.”

Dan Patrick is joined by Cincinnati football head coach Luke Fickell to talk about Cincinnati coming in at #6 in the first edition of the College Football Playoff rankings, why he thinks the committee put them there, some teams he’s tried to schedule, whether he has a premeditated response to being asked about job openings around college football, and more!