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Lindsey Hunter: "Sarver Used the N-Word in Meeting with Suns Players"

Photo: Christian Petersen

Lindsey Hunter: “I’ve never heard him use that language around me. But I talked to (former Phoenix Suns general manager) Lance Blanks, and Lance told me a story about (Sarver) where they had to correct him because he was using it in a meeting with the team.”
Chris Broussard: “I heard he used it reciting a rap song, or saying other players said it, so he could say the word.”
Lindsey Hunter: “Right. It was a lot of guys; It just made them cringe and uncomfortable. What do you do when the owner of the team you play for is saying derogatory statements towards your race? What do you do?”

On Thursday night’s edition of ’The Odd Couple with Chris Broussard and Rob Parker’, 2x NBA champion and former Phoenix Suns interim coach Lindsey Hunter joined the show and addressed the allegations that Suns owner Robert Sarver would routinely use the N-Word around members of the franchise.