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Time to Start Worrying About Zach Wilson's Future

Photo: Ryan Pierse

Jason Smith: "Mike White and Josh Johnson had no problem moving the Jets up and down the field. The only guy who has had struggled at quarterback this year for the Jets has been Zach Wilson. He has had all the reps, all the time, he has had everything, and he has not played well. He has not had good games. He has not achieved. It is eye-opening that Josh Johnson and Mike White can do this over the last 2 weeks, and Zach Wilson struggles to even move the team down the field. Zach Wilson is the one guy that hasn't been able to move the Jets. So now, for the first time, I am really wondering if he can be a franchise quarterback."
Mike Harmon: "I would not fret about your young quarterback. Number one, not a lot of college experience for him. Both for Mike White and Josh Johnson, they're playing with house money, so they're just going to wing it around. I love the effort, don't get me wrong, but I'm not fretting on Zach Wilson. If you're selling all your stock, I'll buy it at the absolute abysmal low point that it's at right now. I think he'll be just fine."

Jason Smith and Mike Harmon debate if the Jets' recent offensive success without Zach Wilson indicates that Wilson may not be the franchise quarterback that New York is hoping for. Jason examines how Mike White was able to lead the Jets to a win, and looked strong on Thursday night prior to his injury, followed by Josh Johnson putting up big numbers, and concludes that Zach Wilson may have been holding the offense back, tarnishing the outlook on Wilson as a potential savior of the franchise. However, Harmon believes the Jets should remain confident in Wilson, as there are plenty of logical reasons to believe that both White and Johnson's success could be flukes as a result of circumstances.